Real Estate Pre License


Do you want to become a licensed real estate agent? Are you facing difficulties that hinder you from achieving your goal? Now is the time to stop worrying and start working. With ProTech Courses, real estate pre licensing can be done on your own schedule, efficiently and affordably.

Why get pre license training with ProTech Courses?

There are many reasons ProTech Courses can be your best partner in real estate education and training:

  • We provide in-depth information about the current real estate market.
  • We provide a wide range of online courses that cover important rules, law and regulations in the housing market.
  • Our online courses can be accessed anytime and anywhere.
  • Courses are approved and regulated by state real estate commissions.
  • We have low-cost training to fit your budget.

How do you find the right online real estate prelicense course?

Enrolling in the right online course is easy. A few clicks and you’re done:

  1. Select your state.
  2. Read your state’s requirements and make sure you understand the prelicensing prerequisites where you live.
  3. Enroll in only the courses you need to get started in your real estate career. You may also select elective courses that you might find helpful in your professional development.
  4. Review your cart page, where the courses you enrolled to are listed to make sure you are taking the right courses.

What are the advantages of getting your real estate prelicense training from us?

These are the advantages of online prelicense training in real estate:

  • New license applicants can complete only the required credit courses they need, saving themselves time and hassle.
  • Courses are all interactive, so they can be taken whenever and wherever you like.
  • References are included within several sections of the course, allowing students to further understand what’s being discussed in the lessons.
  • Study materials are also included to further help students develop their acquired skills and knowledge.