August 26, 2017

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ProTech Courses is a leader in real estate courses and state licensing exam preparation. ProTech Courses successfully provides excellent training, instruction and outstanding online licensing exam preparation for real estate professionals. Our team is dedicated to serving students and professionals who are working towards obtaining a real estate salesperson’s license or completing continuing education to maintain their licenses.

At ProTech Courses, we are always looking for new methods and techniques to make our courses relevant to what is currently happening in the real estate markets, as well as providing various delivery method options for students to complete their courses in an environment and time period that works for them. We have a course that meets your needs.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

David Persons is a highly accomplished corporate real estate executive with a proven track record of developing executable real estate strategies that support organizational business strategy and improve shareholder value.

David began his career in multi-family real estate where he identified ad-value opportunities and transformed them into profitable endeavors. After 10 years of honing his skills he transitioned to corporate real estate where he developed international real estate strategies for companies, such as, Facebook, LinkedIn, HBO and Motorola among others.

David has been recognized by the Leader Magazine as “Brazil’s Ambassador for Corporate Real Estate” and has contributed to many industry research projects, white papers and even as a contributing author to 5 published adventure books.

Today, David continues as a proven leader in the Real Estate industry, while educating national and international investors on how to do business in the United States. When not teaching and coaching he is working towards his PhD in Organizational Leadership, advising corporate clients across the US and spending time with his family in Boca Raton, Florida.

Chief Academic Officer (CAO)

An expert leader on the educational industry for over 15 years, Dr. John Peterson is a published author and has created and implemented several undergraduate and graduate university programs. Giving emphasis on the practical access to learning methodologies, Dr. Peterson has developed curricula focusing on online and on-campus professional training, by optimizing new technologies for the benefit of his students’ achievements on real world careers. In addition, Dr. Peterson is an experienced consultant for Florida’s Department of Education requirements for new institution’s license and compliance.

Dr. John Peterson is the Co-Founder of MUST University, the Founder and President of Peterson Institute of Technology (PITECH), the Founder and Chair of the Board of Florida Professional Association of Business Management (FPABM), and the Founder and Chair of the Board of the non-profit Gospel Institute. Dr. Peterson holds a PhD in Educational Leadership, a MBA with a concentration in Marketing, a Master of Science in Information Technology, and a Bachelor of Architecture degrees.

When not developing state of the art educational technologies and mentoring students from around the globe on their personal and professional growth, Dr. Peterson spends time writing his new book on sustainable solutions on globalized business development, and enjoying time with his wife and grandchildren appreciating nature’s hidden beauties.

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